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Bill Wimberley
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Searching Support Tickets

If you are a SoftPlan+ subscriber you have access to a special support feature called "SoftPlan+ Support". This feature is found on the Help tab and allows you to submit support tickets directly to SoftPlan from your open project. Your Project is automatically uploaded along with your support request and you can add images or files to help explain your issue.

If you use this feature often you can get quite a long list of correspondence between SoftPlan Tech Support and yourself. This list is actually displayed in an Internet Explorer window. So even though there is no Search button to be able to search through your old support tickets you can use Internet Explorer's search capabilities. Simply use Ctrl+F to open a search dialog and type in the word(s) you are searching for. You can use the Next and Previous buttons to jump to all the instances of the search words.


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Support tickets

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