Masking the Bottom of Stairs

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John Vanderwoerd
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Masking the Bottom of Stairs
SoftPlan Version:
2014 Plus

If you look at my stairs, I did not explode it, and it still has 16 risers, but I masked the last few steps by putting a note in a box with spaces over the bottom steps.

Binary Data Proposed Main Floor.spd205.84 KB
Bill Wimberley
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That works great John. Thanks for sharing.

I do a similar thing a lot of times with a Box. I have Pen 15 set to white. I will draw a box over what I want to mask, set the box texture to solid and color white, and set Outline and Texture pens to 15. I think either method works equally well. The box might be just a little easier to control the exact size.

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Masking with a box

Great tip. This is one that I will definitely use.

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Nice tips Bill & John.  Is

Nice tips Bill & John.  Is there a way to control the order in which the items are stacked?  In other words, my assumption is that Softplan will cover the stairs only if the note/box is created after the stairs are created.  So if there are dimensions, notes, or anything else that needs to be visible in the same location do you just have to be sure to add everything in a certain order (i.e. draw stairs, create note/box, then add the dimension, note, etc)?

I guess a better way to explain it would be to compare it to a graphic design software that has options like 'move to front', 'move up', 'move down', 'move to back'.


- Cory

Bill Wimberley
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Hey Cory, neither the text method nor the box method will block text or dimensions. So you could use either method and still have text and dimensions visible. Both methods will block walls, stairs, shapes, etc. The text method appears to block anything regardless of the order it was placed. The box method appears to block shapes if the shapes were drawn before the box but not if they were drawn after the box.

SoftPlan does have a stack order but it only applies to images. Images that overlap other images will have the option to Move to Front or Move to Back. If images do not overlap other images then the stacking options are grayed out.

Bill M
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Took me a minute to figure

Took me a minute to figure out where the stairs were headed and I'm assuming basement.  This is good to know on both counts.  I was recently trying to think of how to hide/mask part of stairs that were going upstairs where the builder always uses 18" floor trusses and this would work great, thanks for the tip.'s picture

Hey John, great tip that I can use fairly often, thanks !


Jim Crook