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Arranging Files
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2014 Plus

fix, for instance;


Where I used to name elevations as Front, Right, Left etc. I now name them Elevation Front, Elevation Right. Elevation Left etc.

Same with all plan view items i.e. Plan Main, Plan Foundation, Plan 2nd Storey etc.


The reason I am doing this is because everytime I went to "open a drawing" or do a "save as" the file list had the like files all 

over the place and not in a particularly logical order.  For instance Front might be at the top of the list, Right two down the list and

Left another three down from that. In other words it was a bit of a "hunt to find" what I was after.  Now by using a prefix it keeps all

like drawings in an organized fashion and all Elevations for instance are all grouped together which is much easier to quickly see.


Maybe I'm just a late adopter and most are already doing this but for those who aren't it helps with organization and simplifies

file seaching.



Bill M
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I like your system Jim.  They

I like your system Jim.  They do end up everywhere but I normally will use the client's last name at the start of the file name.  I'm going to give your system a whirl.  Thanks.

Bill Wimberley
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Plan Names

Hey Jim. I'm trying to understand the logic of what you are saying. From your description it would appear as if maybe you have the Navigation pane deactivated. Is that the case? If you are using the Navigation pane then drawings are automatically grouped together by type. For instance if you generate and save an Elevation then the drawing will be placed in the Drawings section under Elevations. If you generate a Building Outline and save it then it will be placed in the Site Plans section. Cross Sections and Interior Elevations have their own areas as well. And all drawings that are created by selecting File New are saved into the Floor Plans section. You can drag any of these files into any of the sections you want after they have been saved. There are sections for Details and Other as well. Any of these areas can be expanded or collapsed to expose or hide the drawings within them.

As far as naming the drawings I make the names as small and simple as possible. The smaller the names the more tabs I can have open at the same time without them becoming hidden. So for instance I can have twice as many tabs open if I name the drawings Front, Back, Left, Right than I can have if I give them longer names like Elevation Front, Elevation Right, etc. Additionally, the tabs can be rearranged to group the drawings in a logical order. So I will have all my floor plans together, elevations together, pages together, etc. in the tabs. Tabs that are no longer needed are closed. For instance after I finish working on the Front elevation I close that tab to get it out of the tabs list. If I need it again I can always open it back up again by double clicking it in the Navigation pane.

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I use a series of numbers.  1

I use a series of numbers.  1.0 for basement, 2.0 for Main Floor, 3.0 for second floor.  Then as I modify or make changes, I do a save as 3.1 Second or 2.1 Main.  I may be old school, but I sometimes mess something up and it is easier to go back to the last version and start over again.  Especially if I am working on a roof.  I may have 8 or 10 versions done before I think to clean out some of the older ones.  

After I get everything that is finalized, I delete all the old versions and re-name back to 3.0 or what ever.

By the way, I have never finalized a set of plans and then print them only find other stuff to work on.  


Bill Wimberley
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Recovery Files

Larry, SoftPlan automatically saves old versions of files for you every time you save a file. No need to save them as a new name. In System Options you san set the maximum number of recovery files to save, up to a maximum of 255. These files are automatically saved within the Recovery folder inside the current Project. If you mess something up simply open the old file and save it over the current file.

You can also use the Save Project Revision feature to save your entire Project in its current state. File-->Save Project Revision. The revisions will be numbered and can be found in the REVISIONS folder within the Project.

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Plan Revisions

Nice one Bill. How many times I have looked at that and it just never registered in the brain! I will be using it now though!

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Sweet...Thanks Bill. Nice Tip

Sweet...Thanks Bill. Nice Tip!!