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softview gone 3D in

Softveiw is going to be called 3D now by softplan.  Like that, I've been calling it that.    THe 3D info was put out today.    The Direct X11   and hybrid build,  This all sounds great.     They use the word Fly-through,  not sure what that means,   .   I'm thinking that the 3ds are going to build super fast and mousing them around with big graphics cards will be big.     Saw the fence thing today, it is good.  Just yesterday i was needing to build a certain type fence, and I think they have fixed it that way. I think maybe we are going to have a lot of little changes.        2012 was such a big change, that it is hard to match.     I think this is going to be pretty nice. 

Bill Wimberley
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Yes, lots of great new features for 2014. I believe the "fly-through" you are talking about is when you move around the plan in 3D using the keyboard or mouse. There is also a new app that works with iPhones and iPads that allows you to walk around inside your plans as if you are actually inside the model walking around and streaming your movements in real time.

Another big improvement is the Plan Sets. Plan Sets are essentially the replacement for Multi-Drawings. Multi-Drawings will still be available but I think that most people will switch over to using Plan Sets once they get the hang of them and see how much nicer they are. For one thing you can have automatic page numbering. So no more having to go back through and renumber your pages if you add one or take one out of the set or want to rearrange them. Just change their order, add a page, or remove a page within the Navigation Pane and the page numbers automatically update. Adding a drawing to a page is as simple as dragging the drawing onto the page and then setting the scale. If you only want to show a portion of a drawing there is a tool that allows you to crop out the parts you don't want to show.

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I love the advances in 3D.

I love the advances in 3D.  Render mode still lacks photo realism which I rarely use anyhow.  All things considered I'm giving SP2014 high marks!


Mike Landry
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Your renders have always been

Your renders have always been awesome, and now with 2014 they will be even better.