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david ayers
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       On V14, in Sketched and Illustrated Modes lines for straight line objects are too wavy, I think. Both of those modes pop into some sort of Mystery Mode while, and only while, zooming in or out. These mystery modes are usually not exactly like any of the other known Modes. These mystery Modes vary quite a bit, and I'm not sure how many there are, but two things that they all have in common is that they all look pretty good and a lot better than the known mode from which they are "zoom generated". Can anyone tell me if 2014 has straighter and cleaner lines in Sketched and Illustrated modes than v14?

       I think I read on here an explanation of the aspects of the hardware each of the SoftView Modes uses more of / less of. Can't find that commentary now. Any direction to it much appreciated.

       Maybe those two inquiries are related, I don't know. But the following commentary isn't: Wow! on the website, Bill W. It's excellence makes it easy to understand why membership seems to be growing daily. Thanks for creating it and making it available, and I take back most of the bad things I said about you.

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David Ayers

Bill Wimberley
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The jagged lines you are describing is a combination of video card capabilities and display resolution settings. The higher resolution you have your display set to the less jagged the lines are. There are a variety of techniques that video cards use to minimize the jagged lines. The most common method is called anti-aliasing. If you have a better video card it can enhance the built-in anti-aliasing that SoftPlan provides and help make the lines smoother.

For version 2014 you will need a video card that supports DirectX 11. Also make sure you have your video driver updated to the latest version.

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