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Gallery Question
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2016 Plus

I noticed when looking thru the gallery on the website that there are other programs listed like Vray, Photoshop, Paintshop as additional Software used in creating your renderings. For what purposes do you use these programs and what limitations are you seeing when using SoftPlan alone?


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If there is anyone out there

If there is anyone out there that might be willing to shed some thoughts, I'd really like to hear them please.

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Jerry, Personally I do all my renderings in Sketchup by exporting my Softplan models there. I just find it easier to place the model on the Google Earth site, and add custom elements that would take more time to create in Softplan. Chris Turner, you can find his work on Facebook, takes his Softplan renderings into Photoshop to add landscape & other finishing touches. It's easier to add photos of plants already in 3D, rather than placing them as symbols in Softplan. John Honea, also found on Facebook, sometimes takes his renderings into Artlantis to get special effects like making it look like a watercolor rendering. Occassionally I take a finished rendering, and take it into the free Fotosketcher program to get special effects. Attached here is an example. I hope that some others will respond too.


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For most of my renderings I

For most of my renderings I pull straight from Softplan.  That being said, those are the photorealistic renderings.  I have been playing with Artlantis but still not quite there yet on that one.  The 3D engine on Softplan is close enough for what I need right now but would like to see it get better in the next release.  After producing it in there, the extent of the outside programs I use is Photoshop or Photoshop express to crop or slightly sharpen or brighten the rendering.


For my artistic renderings, I shift to Piranesi.  I've been using that one for years and pretty happy with the results.  They provide more of a hand production feel for the renderings.


When I get some more time, I'd like to experiment with some other programs and methods.  Getting the time is another matter. :D

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Photoshop and renderings

I complete all of my renderings in SoftPlan up to the home and grass ONLY.  Usually with a black background so that it will mask out easily.  I then import to PhotoShop and add the background and landscaping.  All shadows and lighting are done in Softplan