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i am trying to make a watermark

i dont want the designers to be bothered with it while working

just want it print out. i just want to print our logo faded across

the page. thanks

Bill Wimberley
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SoftPlan has a watermark feature built into the Plan Sets. You simply edit the Plan Set and place a check next to Watermark and select your watermark. A faded watermark will be repeated numerous times across the page. To create your own custom watermark simply place your logo symbol in the Symbols\Watermarks folder.

The main drawback with this method is that you have no control over size and frequency of the watermarks. For instance you couldn't have 1 large logo scaled across the page.

Another method you could experiment with would be to create a special watermarked titleblock. Make a copy of your existing titleblock and place your logo on this new titleblock. Assign the logo to a layer which is set to be faded, or if you want more control you could configure light colored pen styles. Then use this titleblock when you want to show the watermark logo and change it out when you don't.

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