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system fonts

Recently the system font has "changed itself" to Marlett, which displays as wing-dings.  I have tried to reset the character setup under system options, but as soon as I shut down the Marlett settings are all back in place. If I change the fonts under Drawing Options things are fine for that drawing.  Any suggestions on how to re-set the character system fonts?

Bill Wimberley
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system fonts

I don't have a clue how to help you there. Your profile says you are using version 12 which is quite long in the tooth. I would make sure that you have the latest patch for your version and give SoftPlan tech support a call and see what they suggest. Since it is something that recently started happening I suspect that some update or change on your system is causing the problem.

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System Fonts

The email below is a response from Softplan Tech Support I got for a similar issue ( only with 2012 )

some time back.  Only mine was stictly with the Softplan Drwgs both new and existing and not the

character map ( wing dings ) but likely the same culprit.   In my case the existing drawings did not

autmatically change back to SPHand I had to initially reset my default to SPHand in the System Menu

then remember to rest to system when I was opening existing drawings.   Bottom line is they are saying

the Softplan Fonts are somehow missing.   Hope this helps.






From what you have described about your Fonts, it seems as though they have
not been installed. Insert the SoftPlan installation disc, Browse the Disc
contents, open the Fonts folder and copy all of the Fonts. Now go to your
Windows Control Panel, open the Fonts icon and paste the Fonts here. After
pasting the Fonts, restart your computer. Your Fonts should now be SPHand.

Having SoftPlan 2012 not listed in your Windows start menu would have no
affect on the SoftPlan Fonts. SoftPlan install its own fonts when you
install the program. To get the Fonts to appear, follow the above steps.

Tech 52,
SoftPlan Technical Support.