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square footage calculations
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I am doing an addition to a house and the size of the addition is an important factor. After I have the design set I go into area mode and set it the way I want and then get the size from that. The number given seemed a little bigger than I wanted so I exported the dwg to autocad and checked it there using the polyline method which is very accurate. Sure enough the Softplan numbers were 72 sq. ft. larger. I even triple checked it in Softplan but it kept coming out the same. Has anyone else ever seen this? What could be the cause for the discrepancy?

Bill M
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I have had the opportunity in

I have had the opportunity in the past to "test" the sq ft from Softplan against local appraisal districts calculations from exterior measurements and it has always been very close.  I have not done this in awhile however.  I would think it would easy to check by some simple drawings and manual calculations from the drawings compared to what SP gives you.  

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I will be doing just that but this thing is just too cut up to do easily and I no longer like doing it manually like I have had to so many times in the long ago past! Yep, I'm getting spoiled but I am just fine with that! wink

Bill Wimberley
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Area Calcs

I would look and see if you are measuring to the same place in both SoftPlan and AutoCad. SoftPlan has the ability to measure to the exterior of the wall or to the outside of the stud. On a fairly large house it would be easy to get an extra 72 sq ft in SoftPlan if you are measuring to the outside of the siding but measuring to the outside of stud in AutoCad.

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Area Calc

Thanks Bill but that is the first thing I checked- twice! Its an approx. 2000 sq. ft. addition, still in design phase, so 72ft. makes a big difference! Not sure what to think here let alone what to do! Maybe I'll just send it in to tech support and let them edumacate me!

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I was curious to the work out

I was curious to the work out on your question with the square area....or results via tech support.  Thanks!