recessed shower

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recessed shower
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i cut hole in slab at shower location then added another slab in hole and offset it to 2" below main slab. Footer will not allow. what am i doing wrong? What is the exclamation mean?

Binary Data Shower recess issue.spd93.96 KB
Bill Wimberley
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Cutting Footer

SoftPlan will not allow you to cut a footer. All you can do is to save the cross section out to a drawing and then edit the drawing to show the cut.

The warning that is showing on the door is a header warning. It is indicating that the header is cutting through or is above the top plates of the wall. Actually there are no top plates in this glass wall. And there shouldn't be a header above the door. Edit the door and on the Header tab uncheck Header and the warning will go away.

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Exclamation Mark

Thanks Bill. I wish Softplan had the ability to indicate errors rather than crashing or going haywire.