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2016 Plus

has anyone had any luck with mulling windows. I have been having issues, one time two windows will mull together and another they wont.  Is there a toggle or a setting I am missing?

Bill Wimberley
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Unit Openings

In SoftPlan speak windows that are automatically joined together are called Unit Openings. For them to automatically join together they have to be within 4 1/2" from each other. Additionally in the header tab make sure that Exclude From Unit Openings is not checked for both openings.


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One other thing I've noticed

One other thing I've noticed that can cause this problem. If the original windows that were placed did not have "Header" checked, then the option for "Unit Opening" will not be available.



Phil Davis
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Openings with mullion over 4 1/2"

Very timely post, as I was preparing to set up a series of twin, triple and quad windows with a 2" mull.  However, I would like the product code to read "2032 TWIN" as opposed to "2032" at each window.  Also, what would you do if you had a 6" mullion?   I am trying to configure an opening by adding components so I end up with a "window/mullion/window" condition.  Unfortunately, mullions do not exist as an opening option, and I can't seem to figure out how to add them to the available options.  Is this possible?  Or, am I chasing something that cannot be done?

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I do not have 2012 any more

I do not have 2012 any more

-if mullions are not an option then maybe you could try and make a custom component that would serve as a mull. 

Basically it would be a window with no frame or glass

Phil Davis
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Window Mullions

Thanks Chris,

I think that answers my question.  Based on your response, I assume mullions are available as soon as I upgrade.

In the meantime, I tried your suggestion using both a flat arch and a casement window, sized to fit the mullion width and height.  The flat arch leaves a void between the two windows, and the window (0 frame, 0 bead) is attempting to draw a sash resulting in less than desirable results in model and elevation.  Ideally, I could create either a custom component folder containing a mullion, or a mullion component within one of the existing component folders.

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You would have to create a

You would have to create a custom opening that has no frame or glass