multiple courses of trim brick

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david ayers
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multiple courses of trim brick

Wanna show multiple courses of trim brick around openings?  Subsequent courses can be added by placing surrogate openings in the wall at the exact location as the real opening, and sized right to just fit the outside perimeter of the trim on the real opening. Then add trim. Repeat as wanted. The most featureless opening that SP lists in "arches" (what I have always called cased openings and drywall openings) works well for surrogate. Use layer assignments and building option assignments to control visiblity.

     The same trick of using a surrogate opening can be used to show trim brick courses, as for an actual opening, but without an opening. Just a brick field surrounded by trim brick. (I'm sure this architectural feature has a name. Anybody know it?) I used a beam, sized and shaped like a brick. The reason I used a beam is because it is the only cube shaped object type that I know of a way to tilt, the offset being individually variable at each end. Made some copies, tilted them as a brick would be as herring bone or basket weave, placed and multiplied them, then multiplied again. I'll post the file when I find it.

David Ayers