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nels peterson
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moving blocks, groups, aligning
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Version 14

Drawing and designing with Softplan for sometime I have one issue I can’t seem to resolve.  Most often it occurs when I’m working on elevation drawings.  I convert them to shapes and put the converted elevations on one drawing where I can use self drawn cross sections to verify the elevations accuracy.  I’ll also paste into the drawing the different floor plans to use some information from them to transfer to the elevations, usually items that weren’t generated from the model.  Complex items.

The issue is in this single drawing page with elevations, cross sections, and sometimes pasted floor plans, when I move items in blocks to align the drawn elevations, line shapes will often “get sticky” and move out of alignment, extend themselves, sometimes get left behind in “group block moves”, especially lines that are drawn at angles other than 0, 90, 180, or 360.

I’ve tried moving blocks with “attach” unselected or selected and other choices to with no avail.  Things get messed up on the drawing.  I use layers extensively and when I turn on a layer that was off I’ll find the drawing has many distortions that have occurred while it was turned off, and meanwhile making sure “visible items” was checked when aligning or moving groups or items.  I’ve gotten to the point anytime I move a block, group block, align groups, I have to turn on all layers to help minimize this issue, but it still occurs, just at a less occurrence.

It can become a real time waster always having to go back and reconnect misc items, and then it will occur again.  What can I do to alleviate this issue?

Bill Wimberley
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In my experience if you draw everything correctly prior to generating the elevations there should be no need to "verify" that the elevations are correct. By correctly setting wall heights, opening locations, roof, etc. the generated elevations do not need anything other than to be cleaned up and possibly add drawings for custom items for which you did not have a 3D symbol.

"Visible Items" means that only those items that are actually visible on the screen will be moved, copied, reversed, etc. Turning Visible Items off assures that all items are affected. For instance, Moving a floor plan with Visible Items on while in Drawing Mode will not move electrical symbols, roof, ceilings, etc. if they are not visible on the screen. Turning Visible Items off will pick up everything, not just the items that are visible on screen at the time.

I would recommend instead of merging multiple drawings into one drawing use Multi-Drawings to assemble your drawings onto one sheet. Then to align the drawings use the Position Drawing function within the Multi-Drawing dialog rather than using Block Move to move the drawings around. This should eliminate the problems you are describing.

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nels peterson
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Bill, Once again thanks for your site and your generosity with advice.  I had never thought of using multi-drawings for this particular task.  I'll give it a shot.