learning Soft plan in winnipeg Canada

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learning Soft plan in winnipeg Canada

Hi SoftPlan team,

i Invested in Softplan abt 6 months ago. Just wondering what instructional Cd's are out there? Does anyone them for sale in the winnipeg area.

Also is there a instructional Video or CD out there that does a step by step plan of a house/houses.




John Vanderwoerd
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Softplan Learning

The best and least expensive way is to do the tutorials in the manual. Start with Lesson 1. It may take a bit of time, but works really well. You can also skip some if you find them too simple. Bill also has some great tutorials on line here. Softplan sells learning cds, and so toes West Coast Cad. You can also do a search on Youtube for Softplan training.

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Hey Gurb - 

Hey Gurb - 


I bought softplan 2012 this past June.  After a few weeks of banging my head against the wall b/c I hated the 900 page manual, I called my Softplan rep and he gave me a nice discount on the training DVDs they sell.  They were helpful, but not as detailed as I was hoping.  The DVDs basically demo a few different methods and and show you how to do generic design with a few advanced options.  They may help you more based on your design requirements.  I am glad I bought them, but I don't think they are worth the full price.


As a fellow noob, my suggestion is to get training from an experienced user.  The owner of this site, Bill Wimberley, helped me more in one day of training than all of the videos combined.  We setup a remote training session where Bill could see my screen.  Bill walked me through a good portion of my first Softplan project.  Considering that we all have different requirements for our plans, it is hard to follow a generic tutorial.  


I live in Louisina where we do everything backwards.  We can't build basements, and we rarely build houses with an enclosed crawl space.  Everything here is either a mono slab or pier/beam houses.  Also, draftsmen here draw HVAC, plumbing, and foundation plans which aren't common in other areas as I have recently learned.  So getting back to my original point, one on one training is the way to go in my opinion.  Someone like Bill can tailor a training session specifically to what YOU need to learn.


Good Luck


- Cory

Chuck Griffith
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I have a copy of "Mastering SoftPlan" to share with you.

Dan Post of Residential Technologies wrote this

He is an old friend from Waterloo Ont. who taught the best

V-9...V12 classes around,  Dan helps you to understand How the program

thinks and while the information is dated,

if it is used in conjunction with the manual you will have the basics

down such that Bill W. will need to scratch his head with your future questions.

What I have is a PDF. so I'll try to post it here so everyone can use it (help, I'm new to this)

if not I will try to email it to you


Bill Wimberley
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Uploading files

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