importing a pdf file in softplan

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importing a pdf file in softplan

Hi Bill,

just wondering if there is a way of importing a pdf file and then working on it in a spd file.




Mike Landry
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I am pretty sure it can not

I am pretty sure it can not be done.



Bill Wimberley
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Importing PDF

Gurb, I do that quite often, mostly for subdivision plats that I receive in PDF. I open the PDF in Adobe Illustrator and then export to DWG. Then I can import the DWG into SoftPlan. The only thing is that the PDF has to be created from a CAD file. If the PDF is created by scanning a page or an image then that won't work because the PDF will be image based rather than vector based.

If the PDF is created from a scan or an image then about the best you can do is to save the page as an image and import it into SoftPlan to use as a guide for redrawing the plan.

If you have SoftPlan 2014 with reView you can import pdf files directly into SoftPlan using reView's PDF import function. reView is an add on program you can purchase separately or if you are a SoftPlan+ subscriber then reView comes with SoftPlan+

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