how would you handle this project (two houses connected, one lot)

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how would you handle this project (two houses connected, one lot)
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So I have a project where I am designing a main house and an attached mother in law suite.  The main house is 111' wide x 52' deep.  The mother in law suite is 45' wide x 58' will be connected to the main house's garage by a 12' breezeway covered breezeway.  The combined project is too large to fit on one arch d sheet at 1/4" scale and really doesn't fit using 3/16" scale.  Also, when I generate my elevations, each house will be in the way of each other on the front and rear elevations.  So my question is how would you set this project up and generate the construction docs?  Here are a few options I've come up with...

- leave everything in one project, but using the crop tool, place the houses on separate sheets

- leave everything in one project but separate the floor plan into different drawing.  This would require swapping the floor plan into the model to generate all 8 elevations.

- set up separate projects and include a site plan that would detail the breezeway connection.

It should be noted, while this is all on one lot and built by the same contractor, the houses will be paid for separately.  I'm attaching a screen shot of the floor plan for reference.


- Cory

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You could have the full floor

You could have the full floor plan on a page at a small scale and then use the "Display Portion of Drawing" to show the 2 houses at the required scales on different pages.

For the elevations that get in the way, you could use cross-sections instead cutting thru the link.

Phil Davis
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Two Houses, One Lot

I believe I would treat them as two separate projects.  The main house in one, and the in-law suite and breezeway in the other.