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In floor beam
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2016 Plus

I am looking for the correct process in adding a beam that is set on top of the walls and in the floor. In the past I always added the beam in drawing mode and have left the top of beam the same height as top of wall, and then had a reference note. I would like to start doing it the correct way, where the beam is actually in the floor, but when I try this I do not get the results I am looking for. What I want my outcome to be is that the beam is placed in the floor and when I add the floor joist the joist attach to the beam. I have tried adding the beam first, and I use auto trace I get "Could not find a load-bearing enclosure", when I try manual trace it does not cut out for the beam. I have tried adding the floor system first then the beam, and still the floor does not cut out for the beam.

I know I can Control+E and edit each floor joist to cut out for the beam, but I would think there is a better way to do this. Any suggestions or process flow would be great.



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In floor beam

As far as I know, you have to draw your beam while in floor system. The only thing is that you can't just auto generate the joists but use the joist poly. You can use at first the auto to do your rim joists, subfloor and sill plate (if applicable). Then draw your beam followed by your joist poly and recommended to have snap activated.