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drawing title
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Hi Bill/all,


In the video here:




at min 02:47 he clicked and changed the drawing mode from Drawing to Electrical and the drawing title changed from MAIN FLOOR PLAN to ELECTRICAL PLAN.


I looked around and couldn't find a symbol that would do that. Is this a symbol/speednote I have to create myself or am I not using an available symbol correctly or am I not using Plan Sets correctly?




Kelly Strickland
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It looks like the electrical

It looks like the electrical plan title note is on a layer that is visible in electrical mode. Looks like a good idea.

Bill Wimberley
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Drawing Title

Notes and Speed Notes can be set to "Visible In All Modes" or not. If you edit a note or speed note you will see an option box for Visible In All Modes. If it is checked then a note will be visible in any mode. If it is unchecked then it is visible only in the mode in which it was inserted.

Keeping that in mind, in the video they inserted the Speed Note Titles-->Main Floor Plan Scale into the drawing while in Drawing Mode. Then switching to Electrical Mode insert the Speed Note Titles-->Electrical Plan Scale. When you switch modes you will only see the Speed Note that was inserted in that mode.

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Thank you, Bill!