drawing partition walls

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Matthew Perry
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drawing partition walls

I would like to be able to draw my partition walls with 1/2" drywall on each side.

Which would be an actual wall width of 4 1/2".

 Softplan does not have a 4.5 partition wall  option to pick.

The closest is 3.5 (just the studs)  

If there a way of adding a 4.5 partition wall choice to the selections under the draw --wall command. 

If not, what do you suggest I do.





Bill Wimberley
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Redefine wall

The walls that come with SoftPlan are actually 4 1/2". They just don't have the drywall visible. You can change this by redefining the wall.

Select System Options-->Define Wall-->Edit. Select the wall you want to modify. The materials are listed in order from outside of the wall to inside. So for the first drywall material place a check in the Outside Visible column. For the other drywall material place a check under Inside Visible. This will show the wall and the drywall. If you want to just show the drywall then uncheck Inside Visible and Outside Visible for the stud.

Repeat for each wall you want to redefine.

Since these changes were made to the System Options they will affect any new drawings you create. But they don't affect existing drawings. For existing drawings you can follow the same procedure but select Drawing Options instead of System Options. Or after you make the changes to System Options you can go into Drawing Options-->Define Wall and select Reset to System.

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