double roof line

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double roof line
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trying to get the second roof to intersect the main roof and intersect the small roof coming up from the right so they are both the same roof on the right

Bill Wimberley
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Just one roof for double gable

You can do that with just one roof on the front.

Erase the two front gable roofs. Temporarily move the beam back toward the house a couple feet. Use Trace Roof to draw in the roof going across the beam and around the front to create a new roof. Turn both front edges into gables. Edit the larger gable, the one that goes on the beams and make the overhang 1/8" less than the smaller gable overhang. Move the beam back into place. If the gable didn't move with the beam then adjust the gable back to the beam. You should end up with a double gable roof on the front. The 1/8" difference is to keep the gables separate so they don't merge and explode.

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this is what I an looking for

this is what I an looking for but I kow the way I did is not correct used 2 different building options to create the two roofs then turned them both on