delay with shortcut keys in 2014

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delay with shortcut keys in 2014
SoftPlan Version:
2014 Plus

Why is there this annoying delay in the shortcut commands now. Softplan 2012 worked great, but now there is a small 1 second delay that seems to load the shortcut. My pc specs are great. Maybe this should be something I post to Softplan tech. Anyone else having issues. Specifically, I use a shortcut for align to edge and in 2014 it delays wierd.

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I do not have this issue in 2014 and I use shortcut keys a lot. I would report it to see what they say.

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I use alt+A for align to edge and it does it. Maybe if I change it.?

Bill Wimberley
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Performance issues

Johnva, it sounds like you have some performance issues with your computer. The slow sliding properties window and now the slow responsiveness to shortcut keys.

I would look at reducing the number of programs you have running. You may have something that is sucking up all your memory. You could also try reducing the number of tabs you have open in SoftPlan. I know some people tend to have every drawing, plan set page, and half a dozen 3D tabs open all the time and that can cause degraded performance, particularly the 3D tabs. The symptoms you describe sounds to me like you are low on memory and the computer is constantly having to read from disk. You could also have a virus that is doing things to your system.

One other thought, if you have Auto Dimension turned on try turning it off so SoftPlan doesn't have to recalculate every dimension every time you draw or move a wall.

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pc specs

I will look into it, but my pc specs are good, 8gb of ddr3 ram should be plenty to run it. But I will certainly look into it.