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craftsman style post

How do I get SoftPlan to adjust a post using the post base and not the largest portion of the entire post?

Bill Wimberley
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craftsman style post

Hello jmahan and welcome to SoftPlanTuts! First of all what post are you referring to? Is this a 3D model that you created either in SoftPlan or another program such as Sketchup? The Craftsman column that comes with SoftPlan references a 3D DWG model. A post that is defined in this way will stretch or shrink the entire model proportionally when the height is changed. If it is a model that you created yourself then you should create the model to be the exact size and proportions you want the post to be. Changing the size in SoftPlan from the size it was created will proportionally stretch or compress the entire model.

Some of SoftPlan's posts are created using a 'Lathe Template'. These types of posts have the ability to define portions at the top and bottom of the post that will be of a fixed height. But the Craftsman post is not one of this type.

If you wish to create a proportionally correct Craftsman post and you don't have a modeling program such as Sketchup you can create a post by stacking up Solids. There is a good video tutorial on how to do just that. Just do a search for Craftsman.

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