countertop displays wierd on pdf print?

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countertop displays wierd on pdf print?
SoftPlan Version:
2014 Plus

anyone else have this issue with pdf printing. It shows this wierd pattern for a shaded area.


Is there a way to have this show shaded with the built-in export to pdf in Softplan?

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Countertop Pdf

If I use the Softplan Pdf, the shading doesn't appear but will when printing with Primo Pdf. Looking at the drawing you included, I would say that print quality might be set to low, maybe 300dpi. If so, set it to 600dpi.

Bill Wimberley
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I don't get the shading when using File-->reView-->Export Portable Document Format (PDF). But I do get the shading if I "print" to a PDF using a PDF printer driver. I would recommend either using the built-in reView export. If you are using a printer driver then you can get rid of the shading by going to Options--> Visible Items and in the area down at the bottom of the window turn off "Show Polygon Shading".

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the shading does appear in pdf, which I want. But its not displaying properly. I think it has something to do with adobe pdf and softplan compatability.