controlling pen styles on an overlay

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controlling pen styles on an overlay
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2014 Plus

I've never used overlays for much when creating my construction documents b/c of the darkness of the pen style.  I recently realized that I could adjust the pen style in the drawing options.  However, when I created my pdf, I notice the openings are still dark unlike the walls and the rest of the overlay.  Is there a way to control not only what shows up on an overlay, but what pen the openings will be.


The attached image show a piece of a roof plan.  The roof lines are supposed to be dark, but the walls and opening (rectangles) should be light. 

- Cory

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In the drawing options, try adjusting the "Openings" pen style to a lighter pen.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried that along with several pen styles for openings and didn't have any luck.