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Barbara Fleming
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bow window
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Hello all,

I have a bay window and am unclear on how I can illustrate the roof above.

Much appreciated


John Vanderwoerd
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Roof over bay window

I would probably use a plate set at the height of my window and let my roof bear on it.  For beneath the window you could also use a short wall.

Or you could build a wall with the siding below the window, use the material non for the in between where the window would sit and add a top plate above the window and make it bearing.  Hopefully you can make out what I am saying, otherwise ask again and I can quickly make up the wall and attach the file to this forum.

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You would draw a wall on top

You would draw a wall on top of the bow window and then draw a bow roof to that wall

Bill Wimberley
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Window Roof

You could use a roof as indicated above. Or you could use a symbol. SoftPlan comes with several bay window roof symbols. When adding a symbol type in roof in the search box and a listing of the available roofs will appear. You can adjust them to size if needed after inserting a roof symbol.


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Barbara Fleming
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Window roof

Thank-you all

The shapes symbol advice was exactly what I was looking for.

Thks again