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Matthew Perry
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block vents


Does anyone know if softplan has "slotted block vents"?

I checked in openings, in the manual, and in the training CD (foundation walls). NO LUCK ):




Bill Wimberley
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block vents

I don't know if it comes with a block vent or not since all of my openings are custom. But I used a casement opening window set to 16" x 8" with horizontal grills to make this one. You could do something similar.

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John Vanderwoerd
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Block Vent

Why not draw a Rectangle Vent and adjust the size. I also do this for 4" Round Cold Cellar Vents.

Bill Wimberley
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Nice tip, John

Nice tip, John. Either way you make it you can click on the "Add Product Code" link and add the vent as currently configured for future use so you don't have to set it up every time.