automatically display countertops as default?

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automatically display countertops as default?
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2014 Plus

is there a way to automatically display countertops of export to pdf as default?

Bill Wimberley
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Printing countertops

Edit the cabinet and on the Countertop tab check "Print".

I don't see any place to make this the default behavior so you will have to do this for every cabinet on each plan that you want to print the countertop. Of course you could do it on one cabinet and repeat edit the setting to all the others but I don't see a way to have Print always on by default.

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Ya that's how I've been doing it unfortunately. 2016?

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Automatic display

I confirmed a while ago with tech support and no there's no way to do it. My suggestion was that we should be able to and as well, the shading shouldn't appear on screen if it's off. What you see is what you should get. Probably good if others make suggestions has they'll consider it more if they get more than one or two suggestions for the same item.