Windows demension list?

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Windows demension list?
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2016 Plus

Hello everyone,


How does one go about printing a list windows size and specs from the drawing?  Is that even possible?


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Window Schedule

Click on  "Notes" on the Menu Bar then find Openings Schedule.

Once you find it there are three important things to be aware of;

1) The Openings Schedule will be created for all drawings listed in the Model.  So if you want the Openings from only

    the Main Floor be sure that only the Main Floor drawing is in the Model.

2) You have to add the various categories you want listed in your schedule by selecting them from the left side column 

    and moving them to the right side column.

3) The Opening Schedule will include all Openings that are included in Softlist.  To determine if an Opening is inlcuded 

     in Softlist first Edit each Opening and look under the Softlist Tab to see if it is checked or not.

4) The biggest issue with Openings Schedules is to ensure you have all Openings you want included to be numbered

     appropriately.  More often than not Softplan will tell you there is an issue with numbering and offer to rectify this.  It

     is not always how you want it, so there is some adjustment required for this.

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thank you for the reply,

thank you for the reply,


Sorry, im a bit new at this.  Should something happen when the OPENING SCHED. icon is selected? I've made sure all openings are checked in edit-softlist.




Bill Wimberley
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Opening schedule

Click on the Opening Schedule icon then click the location on the page where you wish to insert the schedule. A dialog box will open and you can define what you want to include on the schedule.

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