Window sash size - what do you draw?

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Window sash size - what do you draw?
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I noticed most, if not all, of softplan's windows have equal sashes.  We rarely use those around here to save a few bucks on tempered panes.  Does everyone create custom windows to fix this issue?  If so how to you handle the grills/lites?

One problem I've come across is that I seem to need a custom window for each amount of lites (grills).  The attached pics are examples of 3'0x7'0 windows.  The bottom sash is roughly 30" to meet egress and keep from having to convert the pane to safety glass.  However, since  it is offset the top pane will have more lites than the bottom pane.  I don't see where softplan allows this.  So on each house, I either need to create custom windows or draw everything manually on the elevations.  I am hoping there is an easier way that I haven't thought of yet.  If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!  


- Cory

Bill Wimberley
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Custom Elevation Openings.

Cory, I've never seen grills done that way. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to adjust SoftPlan's grills like that. However, you can follow the steps outlined in this tutorial Custom Windows and create custom elevation openings with the grill pattern you are wanting. Then you will have to create custom openings that use these elevation openings.

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Bill M
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Where I'm at we call that

Where I'm at we call that type of window a 5 0 sash window and if I recall correctly it is due to the sash size of a standard 60" tall window.  The supplier would supply all the windows with this size sash regardless of height over 5'.  Never attempted to draw them that way but I always did my take offs and had to remember to order them as such.  I had wondered several years ago if there were a way to change it in SP also.

Mike Landry
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I believe they call that type

I believe they call that type of window Oriel window style.