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While We're Talking Openings
SoftPlan Version:
2014 Plus

Just curious what others show on their various drawings when it comes to Openings,  for example ;


1) Which of the following do you show on your Plan Views a) Opening ID b) Window/Door Size c) RSO d) Header ( Lintel ) size or a combination ?

2) What Opening info do you show on Elevations & Sections

3) Do you do an Opening Schedule and if so what items do you show on it ?

4) Is there a way to have the room names ( locations ) automatically show up on an Opening Schedule ?


Interested in everyone's feedback !




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Jim - 

Jim - 


I only use the product code for cased openings (archs) since the description is usually short.  On my floorplans I show opening ID's for windows and doors.  Prior to Softplan I labeled doors with 'numbers' and windows with 'letters'.  When I switched to Softplan last summer I had to swap them.  I think I can go back to my original style in SP 2014, but I haven't tried it.  I generate a schedule for doors and one for windows.  Each shows the opening ID, product code, and count.  I pretty much always edit this after the fact.  The amount of detail I put on the schedule is usually dictated by the client.  If it is a contractor, I leave the info very vague.  If it is a custom design, I'll add more detail about the openings to remove ambiguity.  

I don't really label openings on the elevations.  I often draw fixed (faux) shutters and don't include them on the opening schedule.  However I'll spec them on the elevation if needed.

As for the room names.. I have no idea.

It should be noted that Bill has expressed his disagreement with my style on an occasion or two.  I think he just labels the openings with the product code.  His style is easier on the framer.  I just use the schedules b/c it is a local standard in my area.  Before I started drafting, I built some houses and they always had schedules.  I found it easy to use to bid projects and the lesser amount of information keeps the floorplan from being cluttered.  I view it the same as the ongoing arument over whether we should draw 3.5" walls or 4" wall; dimension to the edge or center, etc.  In my opinion, there isn't a wrong way... I am just used to doing it a certain way.

- Cory