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Want to Buy: SoftPlan13
SoftPlan Version:

Hey guys, new user on here... 

a little about the situation: 

My wife had worked at the same company for 5/6 years... 

When we had our baby, the company nicely offered to let her work from home. 

They are maxed out on SoftPlan licenses though, and insist on using version 13, so we are in a bit of a pickle.


We are looking to purchase version 13 from anyone, and the key, if possible. We already talked with SoftPlan, and they said this was possible, she would just upgrade alongside the company as they upgrade... the seller just needs to get a confirmation email/letter from SoftPlan to send to us , which we can then send back to SoftPlan so everything is covered legally. 


Yes, it would be better if the company switched to 2014, we agree... but they aren't and considering she is an independent vendor now, WE have to take care of this situation... 


ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!!!



Joshua A. Davis



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I don't think you are going

I don't think you are going to have any luck with this. Maybe but highly unlikely. The only thing I can think of is to purchase the current version but making sure that the key would be able to activate V13. Borrow the disc from the old employer and install on your wife's machine. Just an idea...

Bill M
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I know when I upgraded to

I know when I upgraded to 2014 SP exchanged my key and it will not work on v13 on my back up machine. It will work on with v13 on my main machine however.  I'm not sure you could buy a new key even if someone had it to sale since support has stopped for v13 and below.  Good luck with finding it.

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Thanks guys, we're still in the market, if you run across it at all... 

Talked to SoftPlan a bunch about it, and they said the best bet is to keep looking.

We'll keep at it!!!

If anyone knows where we can get our hands on a dusty old key, you'd be gods... :)