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Wall definitions
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I have added a few double walls to the Library. These are of various sizes as indicated in the descriptions. The wall files were created in Version 2014 so I don't know if they would work with previous versions. If you try importing them into a previous version I would highly recommend trying it out on a blank drawing and importing them into the Drawing Options rather than the System Options first. If they are not compatible with earlier versions they may corrupt your System wall definitions.

To import a wall definition first right click the file and select Save or Save Link As... depending on how your browser handles these files. If you just click on the file then it will open as a text document rather than donloading.

Once you have the file place it in SoftPlan2014\SPUtil. Then in SoftPlan select Drawing Options--> Define Wall--> Import. Select "File" as the source and then select Load File. Select the name of the wall you want to import and then select Import. The wall should be imported and placed at the end of the drawing list. You can use Drawing Options--> Define Wall--> Sort to rearrange the wall to where you want it in the list.

If you want to import the wall into your System Options use the same procedure but use System Options rather than Drawing Options. Again, use caution when importing these walls in earlier versions of SoftPlan because I have not tested them to see if they will import properly in earlier versions.

Feel free to add your own walls to the Library if you have created custom walls you feel would be useful to others.

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