Wall definition question part 2

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Bill M
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Wall definition question part 2
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2014 Plus

When I use one of the standard exterior walls I'm able to change the wall height in the floor plan and have it render correctly.  The wall I created with masonry wainscot and siding above will not allow that.  It was defined as a 9' wall.  This is what I get when I render.  Also attached the wall definition.  I have made changes to the wall definition to attempt to correct but it hasn't.  Hope I don't have to create different difinitions for different height wall.


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Is it that "offset Thang"?

Is it that "offset Thang"?  looks like you ran out of foundation. Maybe?

Bill M
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The only offset I see is the

The only offset I see is the opening offset but I don't think that would have any bearing on this. I'm fairly confident that the white at the bottom is sheetrock.  BTW I did move the green line as mentioned in the other thread.

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I have configured similar walls and I'm able to adjust the height. Your top plates are not checked as fix. Don't know if that has an impact. Unfortunately, you'll have to create at least 2 walls; one that's sitting on the floor and one that's sitting directly on the foundation (garage walls) because the brick section will require 2 different heights to line up.


The green line has no impact on your wall except how it will show up on the floor plan because it's the height in the wall where it will show your wall arrangement. Presently, your sitting just on top of your wall cap so not sure if your floor plan will show at the siding or at the cap level.

Bill M
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Thanks for the input.  I

Thanks for the input.  I should have posted an updated screen shot of the wall definition.  I looked a "stock" 2x4 brick wall to see if anything could be changed to match it and I wasn't successful.  Changed it in the System Options and Drawing Options. 


Bill Wimberley
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You need to select Fixed for both brick materials. That will lock the brick and it won't grow or shrink with height changes in the wall.

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Bill M
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Makes sense since they are

Makes sense since they are checked on my stone/brick wall.  Thanks Bill, looks much better now.

Bill M
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I am back on the drawing this

I am back on the drawing this pertains to this morning and the changes I made to the wall definition corrected the situation somewhat.  The bottom is now on the ground but the stone wainscot also grew taller than the needed/wanted 36".  I need to figure out how to maintain that dimension.