Wall & Slab alignments

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Tom Sams
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Wall & Slab alignments
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2014 Plus

Good Morning All,


I have a couple questions: 1 concerning the alignment of CMU walls with stud wall above and 1 related to the slab floor that will be poured within the CMU foundation wall and one concerning softlist.


My project has a 32" CMU foundation wall with a built up slab floor.  Is there a way to have the program align the CMU wall with the stud wall above because when I set the wall using the Main Floor overlay, the CM?U wall centers on the exterior walls.  And Id Like to use header block for the top course and pour the concrete floor within the confines of those block. Is there a way to have the program extend the floor 4" inside the top course of block? And finally, can I call out within softlist the header block?


Thanks for your help. Tom

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Wall Alignment

Tom, if you place your reference circle ( Draw>Reference>Reference Circle )on corner of a Main Floor wall if set accordingly it should snap to the outer edge of the stud which is normally the bearing edge and also the edge that the CMU's from the Foundation Plan should align to.    Then place the same reference circle on the same corresponding corner as you did for the main floor.  This will tell Softplan that you want the outside of stud from the Main Floor to algin with the outside of the CMU's on the Foundation Plan.  


With respect to having the slab floor align with the header block, I think you might just have to go into the Common tab in the Edit menu for the concrete slab and "uncheck cleanup" and then manually adjust the floor to where you want it.   Others may have a different way ?


Can' help you on Softlist as I don't use it.