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Wall Materials

Hi Bill,

Your take on how best to approach this challenge.

I would like to rename material definitions when creating a custom wall so when I run a softlist report the material I require is listed as the preferred name. For example; render on a wall. Creating a wall with the use of a material to represent render is fine. However the material I use when I create this I want renamed as Render or Paint Internal or Paint External (personal preference) ? Can this list be edited or different materials added to this list? I understand materials can be renamed in interior mode but not sure if the material list can be amended from within the wall definition?

Also, tiling to a particular height is often required by my clients. What is the best way to represented this so this information so its effectively collected while drawing i.e. is it best to have a wall definition created for each particular need or do you recommended you just use the take-off function? I’m very wary of double handling tasks within Softplan if it can be prevented.

Many thanks. Peter.

Softplan2014 - AUS.

Bill Wimberley
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Wall Materials

Hey Amigo. I read the first part of your question several times trying to understand what it is you are wanting. If I understand correctly you are wanting to be able to rename the materials that make up walls? You can not rename the materials. You can change them to something else that is in the list but the names themselves are hard coded into SoftPlan.

You can, however, create Options for materials. For example an exterior wall can have an option to specify whether the bottom plate is pressure treated or not. To make the selection you would edit a wall in your plan, click on the Selections tab, and select Yes for the pressure treated option. Is this along the lines of what you are trying to do?

Placing tile on a wall can be done in Interior Mode. Select Draw-->Wall Covering and select a material. Select Manual Trace. Draw along a wall where you want the tile. Right click when you are finished drawing. Edit the tile and uncheck Full Coverage. Set the Height and Offset for the tile. You can do this for any wall covering material.

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Softlist material names

Amigo, I read your post 20 times, just kidding.           What it sounds like your wanting to do, is something you would do in softlist itself, by creating a formula.


For instance in the formulas,  like maybe shingles, that print on the report from figuring the sq.ft. of the roof.   In softlist material list, the name of this item is Shingles.  You can change this name to say anything, like 3 tabs.  But if you don't change the formula, it will still figure the formula with quanitity or whatever.    And on the softlist report it will say 3 tabs.   I guess this makes sense.  

To get there in case you don't know.  select Model  then material list, then softlist configuration, then material definitions.   From here select the list you want to work of of.    Here you will see the list of the names on the formulas, these names can be changed by opening, and editing.  There also you see what makes the formula up.     These can be changed, or what I like to do is copy the formula and mess around with the formula to test. If you do this the original formula will stay intact.  On INCLUDE you select yes or no to have on the report.

I hope this sorta addresses your question , maybe not??   I'm not sure what I'm talking about, as usual



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Thank you you both for your

Thank you you both for your responsessmiley