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Wall Covering
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2014 Plus

I am working on a project that has an ICF Basement and the client wants to install Cultured or Faux Stone for the exterior finish.

I started with a full height ICF with the intent of changing some of the walls to wood frame due to a walkout and to stepping 

on the ends due to the grade falling from back to front.   Anyway I had a stone finish assigned to the ICF and the look I wanted

was what shows in one of the attached jpegs.   However when I went to change the walkout wall to wood frame I created a 

2 x 6 Siding # 2 wall so I could differentiate between a potion of the walls requiring siding and the others requiring stone. The 

problem I am having is getting the 2 x 6 Siding # 2 walls to have a stone finish to match the finish on the ICF walls.   I've tried

adding Siding B and Stone Finish in the Wall Definition and when I go into the Materials Menu there is only Siding A showing under

the Walls selection, no Siding B so I can;t seem to resolve my issue there.   I've tried a surface copy/paste but it changes all wood

framed walls regardless of whether they are 2 x 6 Siding or 2 x 6 Siding # 2.   Not sure how to add the stone where I need it on

the wood frame walls ?


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Other Drwg

Here is the drawing showing what I want to acheive.



Bill Wimberley
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Attach drawing

Jim, if you will attach the basement floor plan drawing I'll take a look at the wall definitions.

Bill is the owner and maintainer of SoftPlanTuts.com

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Wall Covering

Bill, sorry for the slow response I've been away from the computer for a few days.  I went

over all the wall and material definitions again this morning and got everything sorted out.

I'm not really sure why I couldn't get it sorted last week, I thought I had covered all the 

bases but I guess I was missing something ?  


This morning

I double checked my two wall definitions i.e. 2 x 6 Siding vs 2 x 6 Siding # 2

I double checked that I had Siding B vs Siding A checked as the the siding to show on

my new 2 x 6 Siding # 2 wall definition, and

I double checked the Material Menu and made sure that I had different textures for Siding A

& Siding B and after doing this I got to where I needed to be.


So thanks for the offer to look at my wall definitions but I managed to figure it out myself.



Bill Wimberley
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Glad you got it figured out smiley