Using walls as footings.

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Using walls as footings.
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Thanks to a suggestion from Bill, I started drawing my foundations using walls created to look like footings.  This is a huge time saver as opposed to drawing with lines like I was before the change.  I do have one small issue and I'm wondering if it is something that I am doing wrong or a limitation with softplan.  It hard to describe so I'll attach a couple pics and a foundation plan.

This is a pier & beam foundation:  When 3 footings/walls meet and one is slightly offset at corner, the lines don't match up quite right.  I've tried adjusting the wall material, reducing the wall join tolerance, but I can't figure it out.

Any suggestions?  TIA



Binary Data footing_layout.spd34.09 KB

- Cory

Bill Wimberley
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Invisible line

Cory, I do run into similar situations all the time. As you discovered the joining of the 3rd wall is causing the problem. So edit the 3rd wall and select Wall Joins and set the end that would join at the corner to 0". Adjust the wall back so it just touches the walls forming the corner. That fixes the join problems in the corner but now you have a line at the intersection that needs to be dealt with. Go into your pen assignments and select a pen that you don't use in your plan. Set the pen color to white. Next you want to draw a line over the intersection to mask it. So select the Line tool and set the color to white and the pen to the pen number that you set as white. Draw over the intersection and it goes away. Just remember to set the line color and pen settings back to the default after you finish drawing in your white lines.

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Great Tip

Het Bill,


Great tip on the White pen number. That's even better than "Whiteout"!! 


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Thanks Bill.  That would have

Thanks Bill.  That would have been quicker than the time I spent trying to fix it myself  cool