Unequal Leg Transom

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Unequal Leg Transom
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2016 Plus

I would like to create the 3 transoms shown above the lower windows. I thought that I would use a trapezoid window as a starter in the creation of the transoms input the length of each leg and then change the top deflection but I do not see a way to change those pieces of info. What other ways are there to accomplish what I am trying to do?


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Arched transoms

The center section is easy because you just use an arch top window and adjust your height and deflection to match.


The end ones are a bit more elaborate because of the unequal legs. You have to use the polygon in openings shapes to create your elevation openings. The top (arched section) has to be drawn by little sections. You can draw an arch 1rst with shapes as a guide the when you create your window you draw your side and bottom straight and for the arch top follow (snap sometime helps) your arc (shape) by small sections to create your arc. So it's not a perfect arc but a bunch of small lines but can be fairly close depending on the number of line segments.


Now, if you use "sash" in your window, if the window gets to narrow in relation to the height, it can do a strange trapezoid in an upper corner.


Might be a better way or a different option in 2016 compared to 2014?