Unable to Delete Electrical Connect

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Unable to Delete Electrical Connect
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2016 Plus

Hoping someone can help! I have an electrical connection that cannot be deleted. It was an arc connection that appears to have wound up as a straight line, and it's now causing havoc. I cannot delete the line, nor use any tool on it...it's as if it doesn't actually exist. If I print the drawing, it does not show. However, when I try to add the drawing to a plan set, the drawing appears miniscule and waaay off to the side of the sheet. When I try to move the drawing over towards the sheet, I get Windows' circle of death and it eventually times out and does nothing. If I perform a zoom extents on the drawing, it zooms waaay out such that my drawing appears as a tiny block on the screen. Anyone have any ideas for deleting this rogue item??  Thanks!!

Bill Wimberley
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Stray stuff

Every once in awhile I will get a stray rafter that behaves like what you are describing. But I have never seen that happen with an electrical connection. I would try using Locate to see if you can locate the object when trying to delete it. Select Item Erase then Ctrl+L for Locate then select Electrical Connect and finally click on the connection. You might need to click on the endpoints or center to actually pick up the connect. If that doesn't work try right clicking the end points and see if the connection shows up in the items list and if so select erase. If you still cannot select the connection you can upload your file here and I'll take a stab at it.

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