Two Issues On Front Wall Of House

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Two Issues On Front Wall Of House

I have two issues I'm having trouble resolving on the front wall of a house I'm drawing;


1) I can;t figure out how to get fascia to show on the roof over the short 3' return walls, and


2) I have a 3'-1" wood pony wall ontop of a 4'-11" 8" concrete foundation wall.   I am having trouble

    getting the wood walls and corner boards to line up correctly.  Any advice on how to resolve ?

    The pony wall and concrete wall on on the same drawing ( not seperate stacked drwgs ).'s picture
Two Issues On Front Wall Of House Supplemental

In item # 2 above the wood pony ontop of a concrete foundation wall is only true for the front wall.  The side walls have the concrete foundation walls 8'-0" tall extending right up to the next level.



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Two Issues Further Thought

In looking at the side wall I guess I could return the wood pony walls a couple of feet,

which would likely allow the corners and hence corner boards to fillet correctly and also

that way I wouldn;t have an exposed stud end to concern myself with !




Bill Wimberley
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Soffit and Fascia

There are a number of things that could cause the issue with the soffits and fascia. I would just have to see the drawing file to be able to determine exactly what the problem is.

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