Two And A Half Years

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Two And A Half Years
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When I logged onto SoftplanTuts this morning I happened to notice that I had been a member

for 2 years and 5 months, wow !!!    Where does the time go ?    Bill Wimberley created this

forum for we Softplan users 2-1/2 yrs ago and the forum at large, but in particular Bill specifically

has helped direct and enlighten many Designers over that time frame.   


I for one would just like to say a great big thank-you to Bill for all the countless hours and

self-less efforts he has contributed for the benefit of others.  


Thanks a million Bill, your the man !!!!





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Fully agree, Happy Anniversary yes

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This is my "go to"place when

This is my "go to"place when I need info.  Always friendly and helpful.  Thanks a million.

I think that Bill was involved with the old Splash back in the 90's. Am I right?

Bill Wimberley
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Two And A Half Years

Wow, has it really been that long? I guess it has. Thanks everybody. Without your participation there wouldn't be any reason to put forth the effort. It has been my honor to be of some small help. It is my hope, as it has always been, that the participation of others will get to the point that I am no longer needed. I would much rather see all you guys working together to help each other. Keep up the good work!

Bill is the owner and maintainer of

Bill M
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I joined a year ago and Tuts

I joined a year ago and Tuts has been extremely helpful to me.  Bill has always been gracious in giving help as is everyone.  I hope we can take some off of you too Bill at some point but I have had instances where I have looked into answering someone and you're just so darned fast with your knowledge.  Thanks for all you do here, it's been great as are all the members I've interacted with.

Bill Wimberley
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My bad bad. I just got on the habit of answering questions because they would just sit for several hours...or in some cases days. But it appears that participation has picked up recently which is WONDERFUL!!! As long as this keeps up I can feel comfortable standing aside and only jump in when something is stumping everybody. You guys are the BEST!!!

Bill M
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Not bad at all Bill.  I don't

Not bad at all Bill.  I don't know about others but I have to think through the situation many times and actually open SP and create the situation if no drawings are attached.  Thanks again for everything.  I also know that depending on folks location I may not be able to help at all as I don't use functions they may, ie; I don't draw basements.