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Trace FloorPlan
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Is it possible to trace a floor plan like in chief?

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Yes, I do it often to produce

Yes, I do it often to produce estimates in Softlist.

I take an image of the building outline using the MS Snipping tool and save it.

Import the image and dimension the drawing to bring it to scale.

I then add it to a layer, lock it and fade the image. This allows me to work over it without disrupting the image and makes things a little easier to see I then trace the building to produce a quote through softlist. I.e. add walls windows, openings etc... Works well but I’m happy to hear from other Softplan users if there is a better way to go?

Question: What is a good piece of software similar to the MS Snipping tool that allows for images to be taken around the actual image?

Softplan2014 - AUS.

Bill Wimberley
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Adjust Size

I just wanted to add that you can make the imported image the correct size by using Edit⇒Adjust Size.

Look at the image and note a known distance such as the length of a wall. Then select Adjust size and draw a box completely around the image. Select the Distance option and enter the known distance. Click on the two end points of the known distance. The image will be scaled to the correct size.

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