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Texture Colour Help
SoftPlan Version:
2014 Plus

In the picture below I have been trying to get the horizontal siding in the gable end to be white.


I have played and played in the Texture >Materials> Texture menu and selected white siding and fooled

around for quite awhile but can not get ithe gable end siding to be white.


I find the Texture>Materials>Texture menu to be very un-intuitive and frustrating when it comes to color

vs textures and also the whole scaling thing.  I most often find I cannot get the results I want.  I guess I

just don't really understand how this whole menu is supposed to work.


Can anyone tell me how to make it white within Softplan.   I have no experience with exporting Softplan

drawings to Paint Programs to do this.


Also would like to paint the 3D lettering on the front of the awning.  I made the awning C/W the 3D lettering

in Sketchup as a single symbol.


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what I've been doing that

what I've been doing that works and took me a while to find it is open the material and the texture.   At the top right on the texture page is use color,    select color and a color(white).             Also on this page turn the depth relief up.    If you want white you might need to turn the Ambient and diffuse up some.          I don't have PS or other programs so depend on Softplan to create everything,    .         

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Texture Menu

Fred, thanks for the feedback.  The ambient light did the trick.   I didn't realize before that the settings for this could apply to each individual

texture or colour ! I always thought  they adjusted the setting globally for the whole rendering.  So that makes a big difference.

Thanks again, appreciate the feedback.



John Vanderwoerd
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the diffuse and the ambient

the diffuse and the ambient are the slides to use to lighten up a colour.