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System Options not responding
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One of my projects is currently measuring everything in inches. When I went to change the system options, it did nothing. (The measure in inches option is off.) Then I realized that any and all changes I make in system options have no affect on new things I add to my drawing. Why could this be? For example, I changed dimensions to feet and inches, the change remained next time I opened system options but all dimensions I draw still read inches. WHY??

Bill Wimberley
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System Options vs Drawing Options

There are two different Options systems. System Options and Drawing Options. System Options affect any new drawings you create but not drawings that have already been created. Drawing Options affect the current drawing only. So to change the settings for a drawing that has already been created you need to change the Drawing Options. File⇒Drawing Options⇒Drawing Options or you can select the Options Tab and then select Visible Items to get to the Drawing Options dialog.

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