Steel package takeoff with Softlist

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Steel package takeoff with Softlist
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I am starting to get some of this stuff figured out... 


I have set up items and formulas to calculate my rebar, pins, clips, etc for a stemwall.  However, some homes are built on a Dug Footing, and others on a Pier and Grade setup.  The Takeoff will be different depending on which kind of foundation the house has.  Pier and Grade, for instance, requires twice as many 2x4s and also requires 5/8" rebar pins that a Dug Footing does not.


I am using the "Slab Permiter" variable to calculate most of the material.  My question is..  Is there some kind of checkbox or option I can set up somehow, so that I can select one of the two types of stemwalls, and it would make my report generate the correct material list, depending on which type of stemwall I chose? 


Thank you


Bill Wimberley
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Sam, can you attach examples of the foundations you are wanting to count the materials for? The way you are going about drawing these foundations will have a bearing on the method for creating the materials reports.

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