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Matthew Perry
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Stairs / Textured option
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I need to have hardwood stairs show up in 3D with white risers. Is it possible to change the appearance of treads and risers (e.g. paint, bamboo, white oak, etc)


​I got my stairs, treads are brown (this is will work ok) but don't see an option to turn the risers white.  Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.


p.s. my computer is soooo slow (or will not render at all) when I select the 3D textured option. Do you know if adding memory to my computer would help? Shaded and the other options work fine. But, It would be nice to use the textured. If my drawing is small (one floor) it will texture ok. But once I add floors and more symbols it will not render in the textured setting.


Bill Wimberley
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Stair Material Assignment

Hey Matthew. While in SoftView select Edit--> Surface Edit and then click on a stair riser. In the Materials Assignment dialog you will see entries for Tread, Riser, and Stringer. Edit each one to be whatever color you want them to be.

3D relies heavily on the capabilities of your video card. I suspect your 3D textured mode problem is due to an old or inexpensive video card. You need a good quality video card capable of running DirectX 10 for version 2012 or DirectX 11 for version 2014. If your card is capable of that then try updating your video driver to the latest version and see if that puts a little life back into it.

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I little secret, never

I little secret, never discussed is make sure reflections under face(Ithink) is turned off, or you 3d build will be really slow.  Witrh it turned off the build is about 80 times faster

Mike Landry
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You can also while in 3d mode

You can also while in 3d mode right click on an item that has in this case white trim and use copy surface

and then right click on your risers and use paste surface.