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Stairs - Break
SoftPlan Version:
2016 Plus

Whenever I have a set of stairs that I want to "Break" and I have the + sign attachment point at the upper floor where I want it to be,

and I use the Break Command, Softplan always places the dashed lines on the upper part of the stairs and leaves the solid lines

at the bottom part of the stairs.   Since I want to show the direction of travel as going Down from the upper floor to the lower floor

it seems to me the Break Lines are backwards to what I want i.e. I want the solid lines at the upper part of the stairs and the dashed

lines at the lower part since I am showing descending.   Is there a way to reverse these Break Lines without reversing the diection

of the stairs ? 

Bill Wimberley
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Reference End

Edit the stairs and on the Stair Options tab change the Reference End from Top to Bottom.

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