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Speed notes
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Is there a way you can edit existing speed notes from the system library without having to explode the notes, edit, delete the name of the speed note if you want to use the same name so you can just reset to system after and resave the revised speed note under the same name? Sometime, you just want to make modifications like adding the mask feature without having to redo every speed notes. There's an
edit feature but it doesn't really let you do anything.

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Speed notes

Not that I know of. I wish we could just overwrite the notes, symbols, or whatever is in the library without jumping through all the hoops you mention. Just a simple "yes, I want to overwrite the existing file" and be done with it!

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Is there a way you can edit

Is there a way you can edit existing speed notes from the system library...


This is one of the first questions I asked when I switched to SP almost 2 years ago.  I'd love to be able to either edit the note or at least overwrite it.  Not sure why it isn't allowed.  I've found this suggested on Splash as far back as 8 years ago.

- Cory

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Finding that this suggestion would save an incredible amount of time. Is SP keen to suggestions if given by the masses...we have 4 now.