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Sorting Building Options Tip

The tabs at the top of the Building Options screen have grey arrows that can be used to sort by name, visibility etc. What I am going to do is add a number convention (that sorts numerically) to the front of my options starting at 001,002 and that way I can add extra building options to the middle of my list if I renumber them (or potentially add a decimal 001.5?). Otherwise if you miss an option and add it later it would be a nightmare to add. 

Bill Wimberley
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Sorting Building Options Tip

Hey Damon, nice tip on how to sort Building Options.

I'm trying to get a good grasp on how you are using Building Options.

I see in your options list you have various Elevations and then you have sub-options within those Elevations.

For example:

Elev. B

Elev. B - 1' inside garage

Elev. B - 2' inside

Elev. B - 1' outside

Elev. B - 2' outside.

I'm curious about the 1' and 2' sub options. What do those refer to and how are you using them?

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Sorting Building Options Tip


What I was doing at that time was using them in a way that was too complicated and lacked understanding. I was trying to turn off small pieces and turn on small pieces. I have changed my philosophy to turn off bonus room and replace.  I basically have 4 garage/bonus room widths for each of 5 dif. elevations and to make it more complex I have multiple second floor layouts. Building options is making my brain melt a bit as I had thought it all through and now I'm reevaluating it as I didn't understand turn off/turn on complexity with all these options. For me I would like to see much more functionality in sorting the options so when I miss something its not a reordering nightmare.