Softplan and Windows 10

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Bill M
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Softplan and Windows 10
SoftPlan Version:

Has there been any discussion about how SP will work with Windows 10 that is suppose to be coming July 29?  

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The insider preview of

The insider preview of Windows 10 says that it will work with anything that works on Windows 8.1.  If that's correct, there shouldn't be any issues.  I would recommend anyone waiting until a few patches are released before installing a recently released OS.  With that said, I love new and shiny things so it will be hard for me not to jump on the free upgrade as soon as it is available.  I'll probably install Windows 10 on a laptop as soon as it comes out so I can test it.

I did email Softplan tech support to see if they had any information.  The just said they haven't tested anything b/c it hasn't been released yet.  

- Cory

Bill M
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I thought I would ask here

I thought I would ask here prior to asking SP tech support.  I'm on Win7 so I'm not sure how it will be affected.  I am like you on the shiny things.  I'm wanting to try the preview out now.  Thanks for the information.